Office for IK-Kinesiology

What is IK Kinesiology


IK-Kinesiology is a synthesis of modern, western medicine and traditional, eastern healing arts. It combines acupressure, chiropractic, knowledge of nutrition and humanistic psychology.
Various external influences such as stress and fear can throw our physical system out of balance. By means of a muscle test we uncover these energy blockages and bring them back into flow through kinesiology (conversations, bodywork). Your self-healing powers will be activated. The muscle test shows the difference between blocked and flowing energy.

Brain - Gym = Brain gymnastics

Brain-Gym facilitates learning at school, in life and at work, wherever learning steps are required.
Brain-Gym is a form of kinesiology, which can reduce stress-related blockages in the brain. Through simple exercises (movements) the cooperation with the different areas of the brain is improved. In this way, our existing potential is optimally used.